Hi, I’m Amanda!

Certified Holistic Professional

I am located in Calgary, Alberta. I specialize in food sensitivities and offer meal prep services!

About Me

A Little Bit About Me

I remember as a child helping my mom cook in the kitchen. My memories are filled with moments of creaming sugars and butters and having deserts with every meal. After going to school for nutrition, I became to realize that that style of eating was not healthy and would surely end up in health challenges later in life. I had to learn how to cook again, how to find foods that fed my body and my health. 

Now, as a holistic nutrition professional, I help others on the same journey. We often cook like we grew up and sometimes that isn’t always the best choice to nourish our body. I love making meal plans for others full of healthy choices and new ways to cook the same foods. 

If you are looking to change your cooking habits, I can definitely help! 

About You

Your Journey Towards Wellness

Do you want to start the journey towards feeling great and nourishing your body? Here are some first steps to get your started. 


Make the choice that you are changing your habits today.


Look in your pantry and clean out the foods and don’t serve you. 


Put aside self-care time to be mindful of what your body needs. 

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Let’s chat about your unique needs, your favorite foods and what you wish to eat. 

Meal Plans

Let me come up with meal plans that suit your tastes, your budget, and your time. 


It can be hard to change habits, but I am here to be your coach 24/7 when you need me. 


Your family is part of your journey also. Meal plans and ideas for kids are also available. 

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Let’s Get Started

It starts with booking an appointment with me so that we can chat about your unique needs. Our discovery call is 30 minutes long and it is FREE.

Once you decide that your journey has started, we will do a longer meeting to discover what your main concerns are and how you wish to change your food! We get into the nitty gritty in this meeting! Your meal plans and new food journey get started with a single discovery call. 

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